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pixio.app is service for easy sharing or selling your photos. We are using extremely robust, secure and stable international online distribution of online content using data centers on all continents on Earth. Your photos can be easily, during seconds, made available to people from all over the world without the cost of webhosting and CDN. Your packages are protected against theft and manipulation, we do not share them with internet search engines. Only you can share your photo packages, privately or public according to your needs.

You can upload a maximum of 20 photos with a size of 20 MB of one photo and maximum of 400 MB in the package of photos and choose whether you want to publish them immediately or whether you will require a password or payment request. If you choose a payment request or password, we will need your verified email and you will be automatically set up to register for the administration and statistics of your packages. We support all standard JPG / JPEG / PNG image formats from a minimum size of 600px on shorted side.

pixio.app provides its photo hosting services completely free of charge, but if you choose to charge for your photo packages we will charge a fee of 12% of the price you set, the price must me in the range of 10-99 USD. Your income will be paid off to your account no later than 5 days after receiving the request for payment of income.

Before you start uploading to pixio.app

  • You must have copyright and rights to all uploaded photos.
  • All uploaded photos must be taken legally.
  • All uploaded photos must display only the legal image.
  • Photos and their descriptions must not contain drugs or violence.
  • pixio.app does not provide services to political entities and non-profit organizations.
  • The administrators of pixio.app reserve the right to remove defective content without compensation.
  • The administrators of pixio.app reserve the right to report illegal content to the relevant national and international authorities.
  • Read Terms of use that you agree to abide by.

Before you start purchasing on pixio.app

  • Verify that you have obtained the link to the photo package from an authorized and trusted entity.
  • Verify that the name of photo package matches with the required content.
  • When paying, enter the correct email, you will receive a confirmation and access to the purchased content.
  • By purchasing the access to a package of photos, you do not acquire any copyright or rights to the photos.
  • All photos on pixio.app are copyrighted and you may not distribute, copy or make them available to others.
  • Do not share your access data to pixio.app with anyone and change your password after registration.
  • Read Terms of use that you agree to abide by.

Provider of pixio.app

Internet Index Czech, s.r.o. (LTD), Founded 01/12/2017
Czech Republic, European Union
Borskeho 989/1, Prague, 152 00
Identification no. 05707218
VAT no. CZ05707218